Updated Nov 17, 2023

Best Free Antivirus Software for the US in 2023

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2023 Editor's Choice

TotalAV is one of the foremost antivirus names you would find anywhere in the world. Versatility is the watchword. This antivirus goes beyond just that, offering an all-encompassing suite that would be difficult to get elsewhere. Additionally, it seems to have a good reputation of protection among testing experts in the industry.
  • Affordable subscription packages for paid options.
  • Reputable threat protection.
  • Top ratings in the industry.
  • Includes free ad-block tool.


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Over 4,000 people have picked TotalAV antivirus in last 30 days.

AVG Free offers protection of the highest standard, the software’s activities have little to no effect on the PC’s functionality, and you have many custom options, such as when to update and how you want to receive notifications. However a costly upgrade might want you to reconsider this option for a long term advanced use in future.
  • High malware detection rate.
  • Advanced threat protection and firewall.
  • Top billings in industry ratings.
  • Automatic updates and new features in one subscription.
  • Paid option for remote access protection and other extra features.
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Avira Free Antivirus presents itself as a formidable tool in the cybersecurity realm, Its intuitive interface and the provision of additional security tools set it apart from other free antivirus software in the market. However, frequent ads and upselling attempts can be quite distracting for users.
  • Outstanding malware protection.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Light impact on system resources.
  • Regular updates for ongoing protection.
  • Additional security tools in the free version.
The best thing about Bitdefender Antivirus Free is that it gets the job done without any payment. You do not even have to put up with annoying pop-ups or advertisements. Instead, this free product offers the limited amount of protection that it promises, and you do not have to worry about malware like viruses and Trojans.
  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Offers decent protection from malware
  • Free from annoying ads and pop-ups
  • Protects you from web-based threats
  • Multiple scanning options
  • Minimal impact on performance
  • Has a small software footprint
Kaspersky Free offers an easily navigable interface and its security suite is impressive and solid, keeping things thorough without overcomplicating it. Moreover, it has one of the best pricing structures around if you do decide to shoot for more. However, its free version deprives you of many crucial security services, such as VPN and firewall services, as opposed to some other antiviruses.
  • Very affordable subscription packages for paid options.
  • Impressive 99.2% malware detection rate
  • Reputable threat protection in the industry.
  • One free or paid account is usable on multiple devices.
  • Easily customizable application.
The antivirus has an amazing retinue of services that many paid antiviruses would struggle to beat. It is incredibly user-friendly, and its activities take little to no toll on system performance. However, Its VPN affords a meager 150MB daily, and its full scan takes a long time to complete.
  • High malware detection rate.
  • Advanced threat protection.
  • Free VPN available.
  • Dark Web Scanner available.
  • Wide array of subscription packages for paid options.


While occasional pop-ups ask you to check out the premium features, these adverts do not interfere with the user experience like in their earlier free versions. For the most part Avast One Essential Free version does a decent job of protecting your endpoint devices and digital life online.
  • Easy-to-use and illustrative User Interface
  • Holistic protection for your devices
  • Many online privacy-focused features
  • Comes with a VPN service
  • Can speed up your PC
  • Straightforward pricing 
  • Built-in protection against threats

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