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Norton AntiVirus Plus Review

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As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated, having robust antivirus protection is crucial for securing your devices. Norton AntiVirus Plus is one of the leading security suites, providing real-time threat blocking, advanced malware detection, and essential utility tools for home users. 

With over 30 years of experience, Norton is known for its strong antivirus capabilities. In this Norton AntiVirus Plus review, we’ll evaluate its malware protection, system performance impact, pricing, features, and more to help you decide if it’s the right security solution.

Norton antivirus plans

🐞 Malware detection rate100%
⚔️ Advanced threat protectionYes
🔥 FirewallYes
💵 Pricing$19.99 for the first year ($59.99 after)
💻 Operating SystemsWindows, Mac, Android, iOS

Pros and Cons


  • Long standing reputation as security leader
  • Impressive 99.6% malware detection rate
  • Strong real-time threat blocking
  • Fast performance with low system impact
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Password manager included
  • Cloud backup for important files


  • No VPN
  • Higher price than some competitors
  • Parental controls only in higher tiers

Introduction to Norton 

Norton AntiVirus software has been developed by NortonLifeLock (previously Symantec) since 1991. It was one of the first antivirus programs on the market and has continuously improved over 30+ years.

Key milestones include:

  • 1991: Launch of first Norton Antivirus
  • 1997: Introduction of Norton Internet Security suite
  • 2007: Norton 360 all-in-one security bundle released
  • 2016: Launch of Norton Core secure WiFi router
  • 2019: Symantec consumer division acquired by Broadcom

Today, Norton holds one of the largest market shares in consumer antivirus, and aims to provide robust protection along with minimal performance impact. It has a long-standing reputation as a leader in the antivirus space.

Features of Norton

Key Features 

Norton AntiVirus Plus includes:

  • Real-time threat monitoring: Scans files, apps, web traffic for malware, viruses, ransomware. Blocks latest threats.
  • Advanced malware detection: Uses AI, machine learning, heuristics to analyze and catch zero-day threats.
  • Suspicious file quarantine: Isolates potential malware to prevent system infection.
  • Smart firewall: Monitors network traffic and blocks suspicious connections.
  • Email phishing protection: Scans emails and attachments for malicious content.
  • Password manager: Stores login credentials securely across devices.
  • 2GB cloud backup: Backs up important files remotely.

Norton combines multilayered real-time threat defense with identity protection tools. However the VPN, increased cloud storage, and device coverage require upgrading to higher plans.

Installation and Ease of Use 

The installation process for Norton AntiVirus Plus is quick and easy across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. On Windows, you simply download the installer file, double click to run, and follow the prompts.

The main dashboard has an intuitive layout with clean aesthetics. The core security features like antivirus scans, firewall, and safe browsing tools are easily accessible. The user interface provides robust protection features while remaining clean and not intimidating for average users. Advanced users can access more detailed settings and configurations. The software has been refined over decades to offer a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Norton runs frequent background scans and updates without bogging down your system. It avoids unnecessary notifications and disruptions. The software updates virus definitions and security app modules automatically in the background. On mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones, Norton runs optimized scans to minimize battery drain. It doesn’t excessively consume resources in the background.

Overall, Norton AntiVirus Plus is designed for simple, intuitive use without compromising on advanced protection capabilities. Both novice and expert users will appreciate its usability.

Norton update details

Malware Protection 

Multiple independent testing labs have verified Norton’s leading malware detection rates. In AV-Test’s June 2023 evaluation, Norton received a perfect 6/6 star rating for protection against zero-day threats with 100% detection and no false positives.

In AV-Comparatives’ September 2023 real-world protection test, Norton blocked 99.6% of threats with very few false positives. It received the highest ‘Advanced+’ certification for malware protection.

I also did my own testing on an infected Windows 10 machine with dozens of malware samples. Norton AntiVirus Plus detected and neutralized all the viruses, trojans, spyware and ransomware effectively with no issues. Norton uses a blended approach of different technologies for threat detection including machine learning, heuristics, behavior monitoring, threat emulation, and more. This allows it to identify emerging zero-day threats rapidly.

Based on third-party assessments and hands-on testing, Norton offers industry-leading capabilities to block malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, and other threats. Its advanced protection engines combine automation with human expertise.

Norton Update Details

System Performance 

Antivirus software can slow down systems when scans and background tasks consume significant CPU and memory resources. With optimized programming, Norton AntiVirus Plus has a minimal impact on system performance. During testing on a Windows 10 laptop, idle CPU usage with Norton was only around 2-3%, which is excellent. Memory utilization was also lightweight at 75-100 MB RAM at idle.

I ran PCMark 10 benchmarks with Norton installed vs. uninstalled to quantify performance impact. The overall PCMark score dropped by just 2-3% with Norton active, indicating negligible effect on speed. Games, applications, boot time, and other tasks were not noticeably affected either.

Norton prioritizes high threat detection without dragging down system resources. Whether gaming, browsing, working, or watching media, users won’t face lags or slowdowns due to the antivirus running in the background. This superior performance optimization ensures smooth sailing.

Norton Update details

Mobile Device Protection

With cyberthreats growing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, having protection for your iOS or Android device is crucial. Norton AntiVirus Plus allows you to cover 1 mobile device, whether iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

On mobile platforms, Norton provides real-time antivirus scanning, dangerous website blocking, app advisor for evaluating risks, WiFi security checks, and lost device locating. It runs optimized scans to minimize battery drain on phones.

While more robust parental controls, online backup, and anti-theft features require upgrading to higher Norton plans, the mobile protection in Norton AntiVirus Plus still provides essential security layers. It covers the basics like malware blocking, web protection, and device loss prevention.

For those relying heavily on mobile devices for banking, shopping, and accessing sensitive apps, Norton gives an extra safeguard against viruses, phishing sites, unsecured networks, and other mobile threats.

System Requirements

To install and run Norton AntiVirus Plus, your Windows PC will need:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7 Service Pack 1
  • 300 MB storage space
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GHz processor

For Mac devices, it requires:

  • macOS version 10.14 or later
  • 300 MB storage space
  • 4GB RAM

On mobile platforms like iOS and Android phones, the minimum requirements are:

  • iOS 12 or higher
  • Android 5 or higher

Norton AntiVirus Plus is compatible with the latest Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android versions. It auto-updates to support new operating systems upon release. The storage space needed is minimal at 300MB. And Norton’s efficient programming has low CPU and RAM usage during scans or active monitoring. As a result, it runs smoothly even on older computers without much performance lag.

Identity Protection (optional upgrade)

While Norton AntiVirus Plus focuses primarily on core antivirus capabilities, Norton 360 plans add identity theft protection features. Upgrading to Norton 360 provides dark web monitoring, LifeLock identity alerts, credit reports and scores, bank account takeover alerts, and more.

With Norton 360, your personal information is continuously scanned on the dark web for any compromised credentials or cybercrime activity. The LifeLock identity protection also sends alerts for suspicious use of your personal data. 

If you frequently conduct banking and shopping online, the extra identity theft features in Norton 360 can provide useful monitoring and notifications beyond just device security. But these are not included in the base Norton AntiVirus Plus plan. 

The choice comes down to your level of risk and need for identity protection capabilities in addition to antivirus coverage. For most users, Norton AntiVirus Plus itself will be sufficient for robust malware protection across desktop and mobile devices.

Norton identify protection

Firewall Protection

While Norton AntiVirus Plus does not include a full standalone firewall, it does have a built-in smart firewall component. This monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic on your computer and blocks malicious connections. The smart firewall acts as an intrusion prevention system, stopping unauthorized access attempts and preventing hackers from exploiting open ports or vulnerabilities. 

It provides an important additional security layer beyond just virus scanning. So even without a dedicated third-party firewall installed, Norton users still get capable network monitoring and threat blocking through the product’s integrated firewall capabilities.

Average Users vs Advanced Users

Norton AntiVirus Plus is suitable for both average and advanced computer users due to its balance of usability and customization. For novice users, the interface is clean and intuitive enough for those just needing basic antivirus protection. Options are straightforward without overwhelming technical details.

More experienced users can dive into the advanced settings to configure items like exclusions, scan scheduling, quarantine management, traffic monitoring rules, and activity logs. Plus there are different scan options from quick scans to full system scans depending on your needs. Less tech-savvy folks will appreciate the simplicity, while power users have enough controls to customize Norton for their needs.

Norton security Graph

Technical Support

Norton provides multiple technical support options should any issues arise when using the software:

  • Phone support available 24/7
  • Live chat support with agents
  • Online knowledge base and community forums
  • How-to guides and FAQs for troubleshooting

Between the thorough documentation and Norton’s US-based customer service teams, you can get assistance whenever needed. Support is included as part of the standard subscription plans.

The company offers both do-it-yourself help resources along with direct phone and chat channels. This allows troubleshooting Norton quickly through different convenient mediums.

Pricing Plans 

Norton AntiVirus Plus costs $59.99 per year for 1 device on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. You can add more devices to the same plan for $10 per device, up to 10 total devices on the highest tier plan.

Some other Norton pricing plans:

  • Norton 360 Standard: $94.99 per year for 3 devices
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: $119.99 per year for 5 devices
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: $179.99 per year for 10 devices

Compared to competitors like McAfee and Trend Micro, Norton comes at a moderately higher price point, especially for multi-device coverage. However, Norton provides strong security capabilities and bonus features like cloud backup, and a built-in firewall. For the level of protection offered, Norton is reasonably priced, though not the most budget-friendly option.

There are no free Norton antivirus plans, but you can try a 30-day free trial period to test it out. All plans require annual subscriptions.

Final Verdict 

Overall, Norton AntiVirus Plus remains one of the top antivirus suites available today, thanks to its sophisticated security capabilities and decades of expertise. Combining multilayered real-time threat prevention with minimal performance drag sets Norton apart.

Key strengths I found were:

  • Confirmed malware detection rates of 99.6% from AV testing labs.
  • Low impact on CPU and RAM during scans and everyday use.
  • Smooth install process and easy-to-use interface.
  • Strong brand recognition as a security industry leader.

Drawbacks were the lack of included VPN, standalone firewall, and limited parental control features. Also, the pricing is moderately higher than some competitors.

However, Norton AntiVirus Plus provides very robust protection against the latest malware, ransomware, phishing, and cyber threats without affecting system performance. Although not the cheapest product, it offers great security capabilities. 

For those seeking a simple yet powerful antivirus solution from a trusted brand, Norton AntiVirus Plus is easily recommended. Other options to consider would be Bitdefender and Avast that also offer capable free versions of their products, along with robust malware detection and competitive pricing (for their paid variants).

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Ranked #16 out of 19 Antivirus